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Nutra proudly distributes Clinically Validated Ingredients

The future of raw material distribution

NUTRA is a global market leader of innovative raw material distribution.  We play a central role in connecting customers and suppliers of the supplement industry.

Innovative Global Solutions
for Health, Supplements and Wellbeing

Our Focus

Nutra has always focused on supplying cutting edge ingredients that can make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of humanity. We strive to make certain that we develop and supply products that are fit for need, that are beneficial, sustainable and healthy not only for ourselves but also for our planet. 

Worldwide Family

Everyone loves their family, they nurture and protect it and provide the best care for it. Nutra sees the world as one big family, every solution is designed to enhance life not only for the Nutra family, but to benefit and meet the individual needs of our extended Worldwide Family.


Quality is an important part of our growth and traceability is a part of our quality assurance. We set rigid specifications for the products we supply globally,  ensuring every batch is tested to meet or exceed these parameters for our customers peace of mind.

Our philosophy

Our belief is that success is dependant on exceeding customer expectations and in building long lasting relationships. Based on this principle we formed Nutra, with a clear focus to become a leader in the global supply of innovative ingredients.

Our mission

Social responsibility: sustainability, health & wellness

Environmental concerns and consumer demands are driving the need for alternative food production through technologies. Nutra is committed to sustainable farming and manufacturing practices that enhance the relationship between farming and nature, agricultural process that promote sustainability, waste reduction and have minimal environmental impact on our beautiful earth.

Research, development & management for innovation

Nutra believes that innovation is an essential part of continuous improvement for any organisation. Nutra is dedicated to assessing and strengthening our company strategies, systems and skills for innovation and technology management to give our customers a significant competitive advantage. 

Global partnerships, collaborations and value creations

Over the years, Nutra has built a strong reputation for being a real Global Partner. We have gained knowledge and  established a strong supply chain system through global partnerships and collaborations. This initiative enables evidence-based production of healthy and sustainable food and ingredients products for consumers.

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